Renewable Energy in the State of Jalisco, Mexico: Outlook for Project Opportunities and Partnerships

Energy, Enhanced Regional Integration, Renewables, Report

Join the Institute of the Americas (IOA), the State of Jalisco Energy Agency, and the US Commercial Service for an overview of the energy sector in the State of Jalisco, as well as an outlook and insights into specific opportunities in the sector, and the panorama of potential projects and partnerships that will boost innovation and deployment of renewable technologies, while also supporting the state’s effort to achieve its climate change goals.

The State of Jalisco, located in the west on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, is one of the most important players in Mexico’s economic development with a population of 8.1 million and annual GDP of approximately  $1.3 trillion pesos(approximately $70 billion USD) and accounts for 7.1% of Mexico’s GDP. The state counts a diverse economy with activities ranging from trade, transport to real estate but primarily from the agricultural sector, which is increasingly impacted given that it’s in a global warming high-sensitivity territory.

Due to the impact of extreme climate on its agricultural sector, the State of Jalisco is committed to tackle climate change through different actions and has become a leader on energy and environmental initiatives with its “Low Carbon State Program” that aims to develop carbon management tools to reduce the state’s energy consumption and further deployment of renewable energy.

In 2016, the State signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the California Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission in order to enhance cooperation between California and Jalisco on Clean Energy Policies and Programs. This agreement establishes tangible actions to promote cooperation in mutual interest areas such as energy efficiency, renewable energy development and the use of clean energy technology.  According to this agreement, to accomplish these goals it is very important to share information and expertise on shifting power supply to integrate increasing amounts of renewable energy into the electrical grid and to coordinate on scientific research and share information on clean energy technology. These actions will  have a positive impact to reduce climate change in the State of Jalisco and will also opened up business opportunities in renewable energy and sustainable technologies in the years to come.



Institute of the Americas State of Jalisco Energy Agency US Commercial Service.