Cities Forward Initiative

Cities Forward Pairs Unveiled in Latest Announcement!

 We are proud to announce the 24 cities selected to participate in the Cities Forward program, a flagship urban sustainability initiative launched at the Cities Summit of the Americas. We are inspired by the widespread commitment to urban sustainability, resilience, and inclusion from the responses of 129 applications from cities across the Americas. The cities that were not selected are eligible to participate in the virtual Cities Forward Academy to learn about the outcomes and best practices. Stay tuned for updates!

Congratulations to the selected cities with their pairings!

Ambato, Ecuador + Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Cali, Colombia + Baltimore, Maryland

Cartagena, Colombia + Denver, Colorado

Fortaleza, Brazil + Hawaii County, Hawaii

Freeport, Bahamas + Coral Springs, Florida

Guatemala City, Guatemala + Dallas, Texas

Hermosillo, México + Dubuque, Iowa

Manaus, Brazil + Albany, New York

Mérida, México + Austin, Texas

Montego Bay, Jamaica + Hoboken, New Jersey

Renca, Chile + Evanston, Illinois

Rosario, Argentina + Chattanooga, Tennessee

Read the press release: English  Español  Português

Read the press release:




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This transformative program will help Latin America and the Caribbean cities create sustainable, inclusive, and resilient futures with knowledge sharing from U.S. cities.


Cities Forward Team