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STEAM Program

Preparing Tomorrow’s Workforce Today


is a…

programmatic initiative of the Institute of the Americas which brings 12 years of STEAM education experience to deliver high quality experiential learning to students and, training their teachers in project-based learning (PBL) and multidisciplinary teaching pedagogy; proven strategies to better engage students in STEAM subjects.

Our programming has grown from a two week residential Science & Innovation Camp for students to include Professional Teacher Training Workshops, STEAM Labs (day camps) and STEAM Enrichment Programs conducted afterschool and on weekends. In addition, we bring students together with Latinx STEAM professionals who serve as role models, teachers together to exchange new PBL lessons, and parents to improve their digital literacy and guide their children to take advantage of higher education opportunities.

STEAM Programs

STEAM Student Education and Connection to Professionals

Every child deserves the opportunity to explore their interests and fulfill their potential to become our future problem solvers and innovators.

STEAM Teacher Training

Teachers are critical to inspiring and guiding our youth. We provide them with proven tools and experiences to nurture their students’ curiosity.

STEAM Communities

We bring together students, parents, teachers, professionals, education and private sector stakeholders to underpin our goal to inspire and engage students in STEAM subjects, to pursue college majors and careers, and the exchange of professional experiences.

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Sherry White

Vice President, STEAM, Board Secretary

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Rebecca Hernández

Assistant Director, STEAM Program

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Francesca Carrillo-Diaz

Associate, STEAM Program

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