About the Program

Since 1992, the Institute’s Energy & Sustainability program has played a crucial thought-leadership role in shaping policy discourse and informing policymakers, investors as well as the broader public on the most important trends in the energy sector. We focus on policies and policymaking related to regulation, energy development, investment, natural resource use, and energy transformation in the Americas. Our unique ability to leverage regional and global insights for high level public-private sector dialogue has been a hallmark of our research, programs, in-country events as well as our cornerstone forums – the La Jolla Energy Conference and Madrid Energy Conference. 

Non-Resident Fellows

Since the intense virtual bonding we created during the Covid period, we continue to have a robust ongoing dialogue with our group of ten fellows based across the hemisphere and in the UK. Their thought leadership and input in our research, event agendas and contributions as panelists, speakers, writers and reviewers is significant and crucial for the program.

Energy Literacy

For years, as part of our program efforts in our reports and briefs we have sought to foster a deeper understanding of the key issues facing Latin America and the Caribbean’s energy sector. We have hosted dedicated energy literacy workshops and trainings with citizens in the Mexican States of Baja California and Sonora – whom we call “Energy Ambassadors”.

Engaging Students

Based at UCSD, we have fostered a robust collaboration with “Future Energy Leaders,” thanks largely to philanthropic contributions supporting graduate students’ involvement as rapporteurs at our flagship conferences and on specific research projects. Students engage with energy officials and executives and contribute to the event report. Also, we formalized scholarships for two graduate students at CEARE, University of Buenos Aires.

Our Sponsors and Steering Committee

The Energy & Sustainability Steering Committee is comprised of a diverse network of companies that span the global energy business. The Steering Committee meets regularly to discuss critical issues for the sector and to provide input on the nature of programs, topics and countries where we convene our programs. It is a high-level, elite network that essentially serves as a Board of Directors for the Energy & Sustainability Program.

Corporate Members

Flagship Events

La Jolla Energy Conference

Madrid Energy Conference