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About the Program

Since 1992, the Institute’s Energy & Sustainability program has played a crucial thought-leadership role in shaping policy discourse and informing policymakers and investors on the most important trends in the energy sector. We focus on matters related to energy development, investment,

natural resource use, and energy transformation in the Americas. The Energy & Sustainability program is one of the most respected in the Western Hemisphere, leveraging global insights and experiential learning to inform regional stakeholders across sectors.

Our Sponsors and Steering Committee

The Energy & Sustainability Steering Committee is comprised of a diverse network of companies that span the global energy business. The Steering Committee meets regularly to discuss critical issues for the sector and to provide input on the nature of programs, topics and countries where we convene our programs. It is a high-level, elite network that essentially serves as a Board of Directors for the Energy & Sustainability Program.

Energy Transition

In recent years, the Program’s Energy Transition Initiative (ETI) has been actively facilitating dialogue around public policies and regulatory frameworks pertaining to the energy transition.

The goal is to help enable the region’s transition to a more sustainable energy mix. ETI fosters policies to incentivize investment in renewable technologies (wind, solar, geo-thermal) that will accelerate the de-carbonization of the region and boost energy security and economic development. In addition to public policy, the ETI encompasses direct engagement with private sector actors.

Priority Areas


Accelerating the growth of the cleantech sector in the region

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Oil & Gas

Exploring important trends, challenges and opportunities

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Low-Carbon Economies

Transforming energy generation & consumption and mobility

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Enhanced Regional Integration

Developing win-win cross-border opportunities

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Stakeholder Engagement

Managing complexity for successful outcomes

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