STEAM Program Transitions to UC San Diego Extension 

Enhanced Regional Integration, Stakeholder Engagement

We are thrilled to announce that as of April 1st, the Institute’s 13-year STEAM Program will have a new home at UC San Diego Extension’s Division of Extended Studies (DES).  Last month, we signed an agreement with UC San Diego to transition our STEAM Program to become an integral part of DES’ plans to provide Spanish language STEAM education to underserved students locally and in Latin America.  In addition, our popular teacher training workshop focused on project-based learning and multidisciplinary teaching pedagogy, proven methodologies to better engage students in STEAM subjects, will also move to DES.  

For over 13 years, the Institute’s STEAM Program has provided high-quality STEAM education in Spanish to Latin American students and teachers in person, in-country, and virtually.  Our STEAM Program has included: a residential Science & Innovation Summer Camp for high school students; STEAM Labs for middle and high school students, and our Professional Teacher Training Workshop for secondary school teachers. The workshop will now become an accredited program forming the entry point for Latin American and Spanish language secondary school teachers to take advantage of existing DES teacher training to further their professional development.  As DES converts its existing student STEAM programming to Spanish, it will be combined with the Institute’s programming to offer students a broader array of courses and STEAM experiences.  DES is committed to providing student and teacher programming in the Spanish language reaching a larger audience through both asynchronous and hands-on, experiential instruction to underserved Hispanic communities both locally and abroad. DES plans to start offering our STEAM Labs in June.

To provide programmatic continuity, Institute President & CEO Richard Kiy and Institute STEAM Program Director Sherry White will assist DES as strategic partners becoming a resource to DES.