Q4 – 2021

President & CEO’s Column

As 2021 comes to an end, the board and staff of the Institute of the Americas has much to celebrate and be grateful for.

Though the COVID-19 pandemic continues to present challenges our programming has continued albeit with adaptations to virtual and hybrid meeting formats.   This past year the Institute expanded its board, established our Advisory Council and also launched a new programmatic pillar focused on Environment & Climate Change… 

2021 Annual Report

Over the past year, Institute of the Americas has worked to pro-actively respond to the challenges derived from COVID-19, with expanded virtual programming as well as research and publications addressing critical issues impacting the Americas.

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40th Anniversary

We are pleased to celebrate the Institute’s 40th anniversary and honor the vision of Ambassador Theodore E. Gildred II. We remain committed to the mission he set forth four decades ago and strive to honor that tradition with impactful work across the hemisphere.

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Given the ongoing debate in Mexico surrounding the energy sector and interventions by the government, we prepared a fact-based analysis and report “Clean Energy Cost-Savings: A Study of Mexico’s Federal Electricity Commission (CFE)” co-authored by Non-Resident Fellow Francisco Salazar and Francisco Barnes.

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Reflections on Glasgow & COP-26

A summary and highlights of the recently-concluded COP26 meeting in Glasgow, Scotland. In addition, we include reflections from our fellows and team, who through their diverse perspectives considered how the results are likely to impact our hemisphere and the world.

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Clean Energy Cost-Savings: A Study of Mexico’s Federal Electricity Commission (CFE)

The report adds a clear-cut economic and environmental analysis to the ongoing discourse as Mexico debates restructuring the nation’s electric sector.

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Latin American & Caribbean Energy Project Financing & the Path to Net Zero: Regional Challenges and Opportunities

Jessica Bedoya, the Inter-American Development Bank’s Chief of Staff and Chief Strategy Officer addressed issues on economic challenges derived from the pandemic, the pressure on LAC countries to decarbonize their economies and how the U.S. is advancing sustainable development and green recovery


Debating Energy Security & Climate Action

In our first-ever hybrid event, Jose Luis Manzano (Integra Capital), Decio Oddone (Enauta) and Carlos De Regules (Deloitte) as well as Jessica Bedoya (IDB), further debated the urgent need to reduce emissions yet not compromise energy access, but most of all, how to manage volatility.


Baja California – Energy Ambassadors Workshop

On Dec. 15, we hosted a “mixer” for the three generations of our Baja California Energy Ambassadors. The workshops, offered to community leaders in Baja California and convened in the fall, address global trends in the energy sector, the role of renewable energy and natural gas and, of course, climate change. The goal is to promote energy literacy and provide a deeper understanding of the current energy context in the region and world.


In October, the Institute of the Americas published its landmark report “Nationally Determined Contributions Across the Americas: A Hemispheric Comparison.” The report, in English and Spanish, aimed to further assess progress achieved by countries across the Western Hemisphere towards delivering on their climate pledges. The report was launched as the world convened in Glasgow, Scotland for the United Nation’s Climate Change Conference of the Parties 26 (COP26) and as nations made further commitments to climate action and emissions reduction.

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Nationally Determined Contributions Across the Americas: A Comparative Hemispheric Analysis

The report contains 16 country-specific profiles, regional infographics, case-studies on four regional climate hot-spots, and other pertinent materials, all translated to Spanish.

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Debating Energy Security & Climate Action

The webinar we held to present the original report with author and EC2 Director Tania Miranda and four regional experts is also available for download.

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Manuel Estrella, Founder and President Grupo Estrella Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

New Board Member

Rodrigo Gallegos Toussaint. Senior Advisor De la Calle Madrazo & Mancera Mexico City, Mexico  

New Advisory Council Members

Abe Lowenthal, Professor Emeritus of International Relations University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA

New Advisory Council Members

Atul Patel, Senior Vice President & Treasurer PriceSmart Inc. San Diego, CA

New Advisory Council Members

Alberto Vollmer’s, innovative rum making business making a social impact in Venezuela; recently highlighted in the New York Times   »

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Nora K. Livesay

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