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First 100 Days Priorities and Honeymoon Checklist

First 100 Days Priorities and Honeymoon Checklist

This brief focuses on how the Milei administration can begin to deliver on those expectations as it pertains to the nation’s energy sector. With the additional caveat that these are also points to be considered and pursued in the first 100 days. Call them the honeymoon checklist.

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November Energy Panorama

November Energy Panorama

Welcome to the November installment of Energy Panorama! We have been busy producing some interesting and content-rich publications and reports. Previous...

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La Jolla Conference – Summary Report 2023

La Jolla Conference – Summary Report 2023

This report and the State Department’s ongoing efforts are vital for achieving these goals and contribute significantly to the work by various entities, including governments, institutions, think tanks, academia, and the private sector.

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