Our featured report, Mexico’s Growing Reliance on US Natural Gas, is the second part of an analysis by our colleague John McNeece, a fellow at the Center for US-Mexican Studies. In Part II he reviews the booming cross border trade in natural gas, contemplates the risks to Mexico presented by its growing reliance on imports from the United States, and how those risks may be mitigated.

The change in government in Mexico was a key theme for our webinar and podcast series and as we convened discussions of the incoming Lopez Obrador administration’s outlook for the energy sector. Below are links to recordings of this month’s webinar and podcast series, as well as highlights from our panel hosted at the Institute of the Americas at the end of the month and a panel at the University of San Diego.

Our analysis of the 2013-14 energy reform measures in Mexico were featured as part of a book published by the Mexico Institute at the Wilson Center. Jeremy Martin wrote one chapter and co-wrote another and participated in the book launch event in Mexico City on November 28. A link to the English and Spanish versions are available below.

The political transition in Mexico is not the only one occurring as Brazil prepares to welcome a new president in January. Our view on what the Bolsonaro government signifies for the nation’s energy sector was published this month in the Inter-American Dialogue’s Energy Advisor.

We were also delighted to convene Clean Energy in the Californias: SB 100, Electrifying Everything & Cross Border Implications, a roundtable aimed at facilitating cross border collaboration. We will continue our support of dialogue between energy stakeholders in California and Baja California as we head into 2019 and possible formalized cooperation between the two state governments.

Additionally, the formal signature of the USMCA trade accord increases focus on how each country’s legislature will respond. Indeed, we look forward to our program on December 11 in Washington, DC and discussion of the new Congress in the US and what it will mean for Latin American relations and particularly energy.


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