On May 22-23 we hosted the XXVIII annual La Jolla Energy Conference. For readers of Panorama, it goes without saying that the month of May at the Institute of the Americas is synonymous with our annual La Jolla Energy Conference.

We continued with our restructured agenda this year and efforts aimed at greater audience participation and discussion, as well as a “deeper dive” on some of the most critical elements that cut across the entire energy sector. Issues such as lithium, safety in the energy sector, transparency and corruption, renewables and natural gas, cyber security, distributed generation, the costs of energy transition, how much oil for how long and a host of country-specific debates including Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela. Our traditional nightcap roundtable saw the largest turnout ever for a robust debate of what comes next in Venezuela, with an emphasis on the political and electoral outlook. But it wasn’t all work, and despite uncooperative weather, we enjoyed the marvelous views and outdoor ambiance that marks networking and sidebar discussions at the La Jolla Conference. We even squeezed in a teambuilding hike at Torrey Pines Reserve.

On the content side, the conference discussions reflected the immense amount of change across Latin America and what may be best termed an uncertainty rippling across the region and the energy sector. Indeed, the massive transformation coursing across the global energy sector continues to demand attention by policymakers, regulators, investors as does the broader macroeconomic outlook for several key markets.

We are admittedly partial but we feel this year’s discussions again served to foster high-level public-private dialogue on the future of the hemisphere’s energy sector. The La Jolla Conference remains the linchpin for the Institute of the Americas objective of serving as an honest broker of policy and investment debates surrounding the hemisphere’s most critical energy and sustainability issues.

Stay tuned for our La Jolla Conference report for further details. In the meantime, check out our sideline interviews with panelists and speakers, as well as the articles and stories derived from discussions at the La Jolla Conference.

This month’s webinar series featured a continuation of our discussion and analysis of lithium and a presentation aimed a demystifying the so-called Lithium Triangle and developments in the broader lithium market. Additionally, we were pleased to host a presentation of OLADE’s Energy Panorama and Outlook 2018 as part of our webinar series.

Finally, we are delighted to include Part 2 of the reports based upon our Argentina Energy Roundtable – Huge Energy Potential, Big Challenges.

Latest Reports

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La Jolla Conference Videos

Interview with Jose Luis Manzano, Chairman of Integra Capital

Interview with Kevin Ramnarine, former Minister of Energy of Trinidad & Tobago

Interview with Jose Antonio Cepeda, Adviser to the Minister of Energy and Non Renewable Natural Resources of Ecuador and Ecuador’s Representative to OPEC

Interview with Timothy Stephure, Director, Latin America Gas & Power, IHS Markit

La Jolla Conference in the News

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Opinion & Analysis

ENERGY MATTERS © vol. 5 – ANZMEX editorial by IOA Board Member Chris Sladen

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XXVIII La Jolla Conference Curtain Raiser


Lithium in Focus: What exactly is it, why does South America have so much of it and how should it be developed?

Panorama Energético de América Latina y el Caribe 2018