Welcome to the first installment of Energy Panorama for 2020.

We are very pleased to share this month’s featured report Baja California Energy Outlook 2020-2025. The report was prepared during the summer and fall of 2019 and counted collaboration from several colleagues and partners in Baja California and UC San Diego.

As the report sets forth, the energy outlook for the Mexican state of Baja California presents a unique case particularly given the importance of energy for the new administration that took office in November 2019. The report details the current state of the sector, crucial demand drivers and challenges the new team faces. Most importantly, the report examined opportunities for the sector in the coming years and possible solutions for existing challenges. Central to the analysis, the document presents scenarios for optimizing the current state of energy infrastructure and discusses the state’s renewable energy potential and avenues to leverage those resources. The broader national Mexican energy policy and regulatory framework, as well as that of the neighboring state of California, are reviewed and included as part of wide-ranging appendices.

Our podcast series this month delved into the “Samba” auctions model and Brazil’s evolving power market and lessons learned from the last 25 years. This was the debut podcast for our non-resident fellow, Leonardo Beltran, who we are pleased to welcome back for 2020.

Additionally, we examined the energy policy landscape since Alberto Fernandez assumed the presidency of Argentina on December 10; in particular, the possibility of a renewed role for Argentina’s provinces in helping to set the national energy agenda and shape the policy debate.

For those who may have missed it, we concluded 2019 with our annual program in collaboration with the Inter-American Dialogue in Washington, DC and a discussion and panel at the National Press Club. The event focused on the energy sector in Mexico at the one-year anniversary of Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s administration. Below are the short report summary and highlight video.

We head to Mexico City for our first Roundtable of the year on February 25-26 and Buenos Aires on March 17-18 for our annual Argentina Energy Roundtable.


Baja California Energy Outlook 2020-2025


“Samba” auctions, a model for Latin America

Will Argentina’s provinces have a renewed role in national energy policy under the Fernandez administration?

Washington, DC Event Summary

Experts Divided on Prospects for a Shift in AMLO’s Energy Policy

Washington, DC Event Video

Mexico’s Energy Sector under AMLO