Harnessing New Investments in Industrial Policy to Advance North American Competitiveness


The North American Competitiveness Working Group has released a final report called “Harnessing New Investments in Industrial Policy to Advance North American Competitiveness.”  This report references key elements of the Institute’s recent work on nearshoring, including white papers related to U.S. industrial policy and the opportunities for nearshoring in both Canada and Mexico, and it offers recommendations to move North America forward as a more integrated region that can compete internationally in the 21st Century.

The Institute of the Americas is a proud participant of the North American Competitiveness Working Group convened by the Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies in collaboration with the George W. Bush Institute, Canada’s Future Borders Coalition, the Mexican Council on Foreign Relations (COMEXI), and the Institute.  The objective of the working group is to propose policy approaches to ensure the current moment of geopolitical competition strengthens North American economic integration, boosting the productivity, prosperity and competitiveness of the United States, Mexico and Canada.