Hydrogen Potential in Latin America – Third Infographic

Energy, Enhanced Regional Integration, Low-Carbon Economies, Oil & Gas, Renewables, Stakeholder Engagement

The third edition in our series of infographics assessing the hydrogen potential of countries across the Americas. The series was derived from discussions at Institute of the Americas’ Steering Committee meetings. Since those meetings, we have engaged with government officials, investors, regulators and consultants to further our analysis.

As we did in earlier editions of this infographic series, through 10 questions, we assessed the landscape for hydrogen development and potential in select markets in Latin America – Mexico, Bolivia, Panama and the Dominican Republic.

The topic of hydrogen and issues surrounding it as a potential building block for the energy transition have become increasingly relevant for policy, regulatory and investment debates across the globe. Latin America has begun to figure prominently in the hydrogen conversation.

At the Institute of the Americas, we are committed to shaping and informing these debates around our energy future and our infographic series is an important part of our efforts.

Download the infographic here.