Geothermal – supplying sustainable low carbon energy in Latin America

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Geothermal across the Americas | A Three-Part Webinar Series exploring the potential of geothermal

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Part II: Geothermal – supplying sustainable low carbon energy in Latin America

October 18, 2022 | 8:00 AM PDT / 11:00 AM EDT | Virtual Forum


In June, we launched this webinar series aimed at assessing the potential and outlook for geothermal energy across the Americas. On October 18, and in celebration of World Geothermal Energy Day, the series will continue with Part II: Geothermal – supplying sustainable low carbon energy in Latin America

Geothermal opportunities across the Americas come in many forms. These include areas with high heat-flows created by the Pacific ‘ring of fire,’ the potential repurposing of oil & gas wells to extract heat from millions of onshore wells and shallow low grade (low enthalpy) heat available everywhere.

As we head into a world of decarbonization and electrification, geothermal is ideal base load heat and power for the Net Zero challenge. The Western Hemisphere is richly endowed with suitable geology, skilled engineers, and energy infrastructure. Geothermal offers the Western Hemisphere an opportunity to reset global energy politics.

The contours of the global energy transition underscore the need for a wide range of sustainable energy sources and critical minerals across several segments of the energy sector. 

As we continue with the series, we will delve deeper into the global energy transition’s widespread implications for public policy and investment. The series will provide a high-level platform for further analysis and discussion of these issues with the objective of informing and shaping the discourse globally, but particularly across the Western Hemisphere.

Part II: Geothermal – supplying sustainable low carbon energy in Latin America

Panel framing questions

  • For many, geothermal offers an important source of low-carbon baseload heat and power. How do you view the role for geothermal as part of achieving decarbonization and Net Zero goals? Where do you envision geothermal to be in 2050?
  • Where are the hotspots for geothermal in Latin America & Caribbean?
  • Which governments are actively promoting geothermal in LA&C?
  • What are the lessons learned so far from geothermal in LA&C?
  • Where in LA&C is the supply and demand for geothermal heat & power a good fit?
  • What is the status of geothermal regulation across the region?
  • Will the new climate policy in the US (Inflation Reduction Act) help the regional development of geothermal?
  • Let’s discuss other emerging and innovative uses of geothermal. How do you view the potential use of geothermal to produce green hydrogen? What about the use of geothermal power for bitcoin mining, which has received a great deal of attention in the case of El Salvador?

Agenda (times are PDT)



  • Jeremy Martin, Vice President, Energy & Sustainability, Institute of the Americas

Speaker introductions

  • Chris Sladen, Chair/Founding Members, Geothermal Energy Advancement Association

Panelist introductory remarks

  • Maria Cristina Higuera Cardozo, Lawyer, Ministry of Mines and Energy of Colombia
    • Michelle Ramirez Bueno, Geothermal Energy Consultant, former Head of the Global Geothermal Alliance
  • Gerardo Hiriart, Director General, GEOKERI

Panel discussion and audience Q&A

  • Moderated by: Cecilia Aguillon, Director, Energy Transition Initiative, Institute of the Americas

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