As leaders from Latin America and the Caribbean descended upon Los Angeles for the Summit of the Americas in mid-June, we released a first-of-its-kind project assessing energy transition workforce readiness in several Latin American countries. The Latin America Energy Transition Workforce Readiness Barometer and Energy Transition Snap Shots for each of the eight countries, as well as a detailed report, are now available via this dedicated web site.

The quarter saw the return of our in-person events. First in Spain and later in Buenos Aires. In April, we relaunched the Madrid Energy Conference: Where Europe and Latin America meet for energy dialogue. Our next in person event took place in Buenos Aires in mid-May. Over 75 representatives from industry, government, academia and NGO’s gathered in Buenos Aires for the Institute of the Americas and CEARE – UBA Centro de Estudios de la Actividad Regulatoria Energética Argentina Energy Roundtable. 

April was a momentous month in Mexico for the energy sector and economy. We weighed in with a series of essays pertaining to the electric sector reform bill. We also supported an event at the Congress that closely examined the intersection of energy, climate action and economic competitiveness.

On June 10 we launched “Geothermal across the Americas – A Three-Part Webinar Series exploring the potential of geothermal” in collaboration with Geothermal Energy Advancement Association (GEAA). 
We ended the quarter with efforts to further develop the agenda and speaker roster for the La Jolla Energy Conference. On September 28-29, we will reconvene our annual energy summit in person here in La Jolla, CA. We have subtitled this year’s Conference “Debating the Future of Energy in Latin America and the Caribbean.”  The urgent need to reduce emissions while ensuring energy security is at the core of the debate.