Energy & Sustainability Program – Q1 2022

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The Energy & Sustainability Program kicked off the new year by asking our Non-Resident Fellows to share their views and insights on the outlook for the Western Hemisphere’s energy sector. Their essays set forth a high-level overview compiled in our featured report: 2022 Energy Landscape and Outlook.

The new year also brought the announcement of two new Non-Resident Energy & Sustainability Fellows: M. Trinidad Castro Crichton, the Executive Director at the World Energy Council Chile and Carla Lacerda, a Brazil expert and former ExxonMobil executive. We are pleased to have them join our team of returning Fellows: Leonardo Beltran, Andres Chambouleyron, Marta Jara, Nelson Narciso, Francisco Xavier Salazar Diez de Sollano, Chris Sladen and Roger Tissot.
In February we announced the new timing and location for our flagship La Jolla Energy Conference. With a nudge from COVID, we shifted it to the fall – September 28 & 29. We also chose a new location – Estancia La Jolla Hotel. We have subtitled this year’s Conference “Debating the Future of Energy in Latin America and the Caribbean.”  The urgent need to reduce emissions while ensuring energy security is at the core of the debate. Critical minerals, further deployment of renewables, electromobility, hydrogen, carbon capture and the role for natural gas are all part of the mosaic.

February also saw the publication of Vivir Sin Energía Eléctrica En Baja California, a product of our yearlong research project together with Colegio de la Frontera Norte (COLEF) and Pronatura Noroeste. 

We also moved forward with preparations for the relaunch of our in-person programming. On April 6-8 we will host the Madrid Energy Conference: Where Europe and Latin America meet for energy dialogue. On May 16-17, we are pleased to return to Buenos Aires and together with our local partner CEARE host an in-person Argentina Energy Roundtable. 

Our team participated in external events, penned a variety of op-ed essays and commentaries and provided energy thought leadership across the hemisphere. We are also progressing in our project with our Non-Resident Fellows assessing energy transition and workforce readiness and are on track to finalize our report and other pieces in April.