Welcome to the September edition of Energy Panorama.

We began the month with our US-Ecuador Forum that counted presentations from Juan Carlos Bermeo, Minister of Energy and Non-Renewable Natural; Luis Fierro, then-Vice Minister of Economy; and, Karina Barrera, Undersecretary for Climate Change, among other officials from the US and Ecuadorian governments.

September also saw us wrap-up our initiative together with the Honduran Private Sector Council (COHEP) and the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (BCIE). We collaborated on a series of workshops aimed at producing a roadmap for modernizing and next steps to implement policy and regulatory reforms in the Honduran energy sector.

The “hoja de ruta” was presented to representatives across the political spectrum at a hybrid session in Tegucigalpa. Our work and efforts help to define critical next steps for the energy sector as the country’s political transition occurs in November.

In an op-ed published in September, Non-Resident Fellow Leonardo Beltran highlighted the important place North American economic integration occupied in Mexican President Lopez Obrador’s annual state of the nation address. Beltran noted the resumption of the US-Mexico High-Level Economic Dialogue (MX-US HLED) and role for energy and border infrastructure as a significant opportunity.

We ended the month with our first Madrid Energy Conference Virtual Roundtable – Glasgow and Climate Change: Can Europe help Latin America leverage the new climate economy?

Panelists from the International Energy Agency, EU, Enel, Integra Recursos Naturales and Sproule discussed climate finance, balancing fiscal demands and how ensure a just transition.

Against the backdrop of an energy crisis spreading across Europe and just before the major climate summit at Glasgow, the panel debated the importance of regulation, but also technology, to support energy transition goals and objectives without compromising energy security and economic recovery.

Mark your calendars for the launch of our NDC report and analysis on October 12. Tania Miranda, the EC2 Program’s Director for Policy & Stakeholder Engagement, will present the report followed by discussion with an expert panel.

On October 14 we host our first-ever hybrid event featuring a presentation on net-zero goals and finance by Jessica Bedoya, Chief of Staff/Chief Strategy Officer at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

Hoja de Ruta para el Desarrollo del Sector Energético en Honduras

MEC Virtual Roundtable: Glasgow and Climate Change: Can Europe help Latin America leverage the new climate economy?


Ecuador’s Energy Minister Juan Carlos Bermeo Video

Ecuador’s Economy Vice Minister Luis Fierro Video

Ecuador’s Climate Undersecretary Karina Barrera Video


Gauging the Agenda for Mexico-US Economic Talks

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