May Panorama 2021

Welcome to the May edition of Energy Panorama. This month’s featured report “Changes in the Generation Dispatch Criterion in Mexico: A Summary of Direct Impacts” is a Policy Brief, authored by our Non-Resident Fellow, Francisco Xavier Salazar. The Policy Brief explores amendments to Mexico’s Electric Industry Law, but goes beyond the question and debate of the law’s constitutionality and focuses on the significant effects on the economy and the environment proposed by the legislation.

This May marked the 30th anniversary of the La Jolla Energy Conference. We celebrated by hosting and organizing several programs throughout the month. Invite-only Virtual Roundtables each Wednesday provided the occasion for debate and discussion of four scenarios: 1) Elections and Energy; 2) Future of Transport; 3) Electrifying Everything; 4) Future of Hydrocarbons.

We also hosted several “Deep Dive” interviews on critical issues including Brazil’s renewable energy boom, the region’s progress on SDG’s, Venezuela’s energy sector and role of sanctions, the outlook for lithium, US-China and critical minerals and a great session with four young energy professionals and their perspectives. Links for each Deep Dive are below.

On Fridays, public panels and discussions covered a wide range of issues from how the region will manage the climate imperative on the Road to Glasgow, green recovery, the role for technologies such as hydrogen and electromobility, the future of oil and gas in key markets in the Andes and Southern Cone to the cherry on top – how to bridge the finance gap and the role of ESG in directing capital. Below are links for the panel recordings.

Stay tuned in June for our Policy Briefs based upon the Virtual Roundtable discussions.

Report/Policy Brief

Changes in the Generation Dispatch Criterion in Mexico: A Summary of Direct Impacts

 30th La Jolla Conference Deep Dive Videos


30th La Jolla Conference Panel Videos


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