Energy Panorama March 2022


Welcome to the March installment of Energy Panorama. 

As March turns to April, we are off to Spain for the relaunch on April 6-8 of the Madrid Energy Conference: Where Europe and Latin America meet for energy dialogue. Together with our partners IPD Latin America and Global Event Partners, we are very pleased to be able to convene the Madrid Energy Conference at this critical moment for the global energy sector. The intersection of energy security and climate action will be at the center of debate for all our panels.

This month’s featured report, Living Without Electricity in Baja California, is the English version of our report in Spanish and the key highlights and perspectives from our yearlong research project with Colegio de la Frontera Norte (COLEF) and Pronatura Noroeste.

Our Non-Resident Fellow, Leonardo Beltran, wrote an op-ed this month urging “democratization” of Mexico’s state power company CFE to strengthen and position the firm to lead the energy transition. 

Cecilia Aguillon, Energy Transition Initiative Director, wrote a featured commentary on the potential for green hydrogen in Costa Rica for the Inter-American Dialogue Energy Advisor Newsletter. 

Our entire team of Non-Resident Fellows met in March and we are finalizing our research on energy transition and workforce readiness. We will launch our Energy Transition Snap Shots, complete report and “Energy Transition Workforce Readiness Barometer” in April. 

On March 30, we supported and participated in a unique forum hosted by the Mexican Congress assessing the country’s economic competitiveness and in the context of the proposed electricity reform bill.

We are also pleased to partner with the Geothermal Energy Advancement Association on a new webinar series focused on geothermal in the Americas. Part I is set for June 10.

For those who may have missed it: In January we announced the new timing and location for our flagship La Jolla Energy Conference. With a nudge from COVID, we shifted to the fall – September 28 & 29. We also chose a new location – Estancia La Jolla Hotel. We have subtitled this year’s Conference “Debating the Future of Energy in Latin America and the Caribbean.”  

Finally, be sure to make plans for another relaunch: our Argentina Energy Roundtable returns to an in-person format on May 16-17 in Buenos Aires in collaboration with our partner CEARE. 

Featured Report

Living Without Electricity in Baja California

Opinion & Analysis

Democratize CFE if It Is to Lead the Energy Transition

Will Costa Rica’s Green Hydrogen Plan Be a Success?


Foro “Desafíos y Oportunidades para el Sector Productivo de México”


In the News

¿Puede Venezuela convertirse en un proveedor de petróleo confiable para EEUU?


Upcoming Events

Madrid Energy Conference

Madrid, Spain – April 6-8

Argentina Energy Roundtable

Buenos Aires, Argentina – May 16-17 2.022

Geothermal Webinar Series – Part I

Virtual event – June 10 2.022