Welcome to the July edition of Energy Panorama.

Our featured report this month is a collaboration with our colleagues from the Environment and Climate Change program that was timed to coincide with the mid-July visit of Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to Washington, DC. We set forth the imperative for the meetings to reinforce the bilateral economic integration agenda and three areas that Mexico and the United States can jointly pursue to be more energy secure and less vulnerable to global volatility, while supporting climate action. 

We were also pleased to collaborate in July with the Brazilian Center for Foreign Relations, CEBRI, on a unique virtual panel and the English language launch of the report from CEBRI and BMA Advogados “Energy in a World in Transition.” Check out the video and recording featuring our Vice President for Energy & Sustainability, Jeremy Martin.

At the end of June, Gustavo Petro won the Colombian presidential election. We convened a webinar and virtual panel featuring our Non-Resident Fellow, Roger Tissot, and John Padilla of IPD Latin America. Adding to our analysis of the momentous election, our Energy Transition Director Initiative, Cecilia Aguillon, commented on the question of “What Does Petro’s Plan to Decarbonize Colombia Involve?” as part of the Latin America Energy Advisor Newsletter.

Non-Resident Fellow Chris Sladen’s July Energy Matters essay “Don’t give away the future” issued a campaign-season plea to those out canvassing for votes who may not be properly considering the role of energy and the key policies to guide our path to Net Zero. 

Finally, Jeremy Martin, also contributed in July to “Making a Beneficial Transition from Hydrocarbons,” a briefing note published by the Geothermal Energy Advancement Association (GEAA).

We know that it is summer holiday season for many, including some of our team. Indeed, this newsletter is being drafted lakefront in Maine. But, regardless of where you are reading this edition of Energy Panorama – on steaming summer holiday or bundled up against the winter cold in the southern hemisphere – do not forget to mark your calendars for the relaunch of the La Jolla Conference in person on September 28-29. Check out our short video to help refresh your memory of our amazing setting and event.


The Biden-AMLO Summit: Three topics for Energy and Climate discussions

In the News

What Does Petro’s Plan to Decarbonize Colombia Involve?

By Cecilia Aguillón, Energy Transition Initiative Director

Energy matters – Don’t give away the future

By Chris Sladen, IOA non-resident fellow

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September 28-29 – La Jolla, California