Welcome to the first installment of Energy Panorama for 2022. 

We kicked off the new year by asking our Non-Resident Fellows to share their views and insights on the outlook for the Western Hemisphere’s energy sector. Our Fellows are based across the Americas and UK and thus provide a unique angle to better understand the contours and possibilities for the next twelve months. Their essays set forth a high-level overview compiled in this month’s featured report: 2022 Energy Landscape and Outlook.

The new year also brought the announcement of two new Non-Resident Energy & Sustainability Fellows: M. Trinidad Castro Crichton, the Executive Director at the World Energy Council Chile and Carla Lacerda, a Brazil expert and former ExxonMobil executive

We are pleased to have them join our team of returning Fellows: Leonardo Beltran, Andres Chambouleyron, Marta Jara, Nelson Narciso, Francisco Xavier Salazar Diez de Sollano, Chris Sladen and Roger Tissot.
Our Non-Resident Fellows are recognized energy sector experts with diverse backgrounds in government, industry and academia. They are an integral part of our programming and thought-leadership efforts.

We were also quite busy in January with a variety of opinion essays and commentaries. 

Energy Transition Director Cecilia Aguillon weighed in on the potential in Latin America for Sustainable Aviation Fuels. 

Non-Resident Fellow Andres Chambouleyron penned an essay examining the fundamental aspects causing electric sector issues in Argentina.  

And, of course, our Non-Resident Fellow Chris Sladen brought his wit to bear on the energy sector in his monthly ANZMEX Energy Matters essay.

Lastly, stay tuned for our return to in-person programs with The Madrid Energy Conference on April 6-8.