Energy Panorama February 2021

This month we published our report “China Stakes Its Claim in Latin American Energy: What It Means for the Region, the U.S. and Beijing” in English, Spanish and Portuguese. We formally launched the report with a webinar co-hosted by University of California TV. The complete presentation and video is available below.

The final report was the product of a lengthy research project that counted support from a number of researchers, authors, editors and outside reviewers. Please do check out the report and our recognition page to see all those involved.

We are also pleased to announce Chris Sladen as our newest Energy & Sustainability Non-Resident Fellow.

Chris is transitioning to our roster of fellows after more than seven years as a member of the Institute of the Americas Board of Directors. Many of you know Chris from his tenure as President of BP Mexico. In his new role as an IOA fellow, he will focus on low-carbon and zero carbon polices and energy transition technologies. Each month, Chris delivers his latest insights in the op-ed “Energy Matters.” Volume 30 is included in this newsletter.

Reflecting on the energy crises in North America, our fellow Marta Jara penned a thought-provoking op-ed: “Energy Crisis: Tribal Behavior or Quality Decisions Based on Conscious Trade-Offs?”

We continue to burnish the efforts of our Energy Transition Initiative. ETI’s Director Cecilia Aguillon discussed how the lessons learned from California’s renewable energy legal and regulatory environment can inform the discourse in Latin America.

Our focus on the evolving energy and climate policy debate in Mexico continued and we contributed insights across several interviews by our fellow Leonardo Beltran and Vice President Jeremy Martin. We also participated as co-authors of the Energy & Sustainability Chapter of the US-Mexico Forum 2025 report, a UC San Diego-led effort to provide the Biden and Lopez Obrador administrations with policy recommendations.

Our Steering Committee met and had a robust discussion of hydrogen as a building block. We will continue to analyze the role for hydrogen in the region, how to inform and shape the policy debate and where to focus research and programming.

Stay tuned in March for the launch of our La Jolla Conference 30th anniversary website and draft program.