Season’s greetings from La Jolla! We hope this year’s final installment of our Energy Panorama newsletter finds you well and enjoying the holidays. 

Each December, we use Energy Panorama to provide a year-end reflection through selected reports, analysis, videos and webinars. 

We are pleased to share our curated collection from the 2022 IOA’s Energy & Sustainability Program for your holiday reading, viewing and listening pleasure.

As we head into 2023, be sure to save the date for our 4th annual Madrid Energy Conference on April 18-20 and stay tuned for news about our roundtable in Brazil in the first quarter.

We wish you and yours a joyous and peaceful holiday season!

Latin America Energy Transition Workforce Readiness Project 





La Jolla Energy Conference Summary Report

A Call for Deeper Integration Between the Electrical Systems of the United States and Mexico

Argentina Energy Roundtable Summary Report

Desafíos y Oportunidades para el Sector Productivo de México

Vivir Sin Energía Eléctrica En Baja California

2022 Energy Landscape and Outlook

La Jolla Energy Conference Videos

Ignacio Horvath, ANCAP

Gladis Genua, CAF 

Duncan Wood, Wilson Center

Jose Luis Manzano, Integra Capital

Tom Reichert, Environmental Resources Management (ERM)

Opinion & Analysis 

Energy matters – It’s all over?

La tormenta inflacionaria

El plan de California para poner fin a las ventas de automóviles de gasolina para 2035 Implicaciones para América Latina y el Caribe

Easter and Electricity in Mexico – The Electric Sector Reform Debate, Congressional Vote and

Mexico: When Trade and Energy Policy Collide

What Does Petro’s Plan to Decarbonize Colombia Involve?

Webinars and Event Videos

Panorama del Petróleo y Gas en Ecuador y Perú: Retos y Oportunidades

Geothermal Webinar Series – Part I:  Geothermal – as a game changer: heat, power and minerals

Geothermal Webinar Series – Part II: Geothermal – supplying sustainable low carbon energy in Latin America

Colombia Elects Gustavo Petro Webinar

Energy Outlook in the Americas

¿Cómo están manejando la crisis energética los líderes de izquierda en Latinoamérica?

Energy in a World in Transition

Green Hydrogen: Energy transition

Upcoming Event

Madrid Energy Conference

April 18-20, 2023