Welcome to the April edition of Energy Panorama

As you read this newsletter, the calendar will have flipped to May. And you know what that means: The 30th anniversary of the La Jolla Energy Conference and our month-long online celebration. You are cordially invited to join the dialogue and our unique face-to-face networking.

Based upon his presentation and discussion at our April Steering Committee meeting, Non-Resident Fellow and former ANP Director, Nelson Narciso authored our latest policy brief: “Brazil’s New Gas Law.”

Our focus on hydrogen policy development saw the launch of our new infographic series “Hydrogen Potential in Latin America.”  Following up on discussions at Steering Committee meetings over the last two months, we have engaged with government officials, investors, regulators and consultants to analyze the sector and render our view on the current landscape for hydrogen in Latin America. We began with an assessment of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay.

We were also pleased to host Mexico’s Secretary of the Economy, Tatiana Clouthier, for a keynote address and discussion of issues facing Mexico’s economy, energy, USMCA and agriculture. Additionally, we concluded the month with a keynote by former Secretary of Energy and New Mexico governor, Bill Richardson, who offered insights and thoughts on issues surrounding US engagement with Latin America. He covered a great deal of ground in an engaging and wide-ranging presentation and question and answer session.

Also this month, Energy Transition Initiative Director, Cecilia Aguillon, moderated panels and shared her insights on the growing hydrogen markets in the region as part of the First Hydrogen Congress for Latin America and the Caribbean and the Second South America Energy Series Conference.

Jeremy Martin was a panelist at the Mexican Hydrocarbons Association (AMEXHI) Annual Congress as part of a session focused on the role of the oil and gas sector in the energy transition. He was also featured in several articles, including a long-form interview in Forbes, on the evolving energy and climate policy debate in Mexico.

We look forward to seeing you online throughout the month of May for our sessions and exclusive content that you have come to expect from the La Jolla Conference.

Featured Report

Brazil’s New Gas Law

New Infographic Series

Hydrogen Potential in Latin America


México Próspero – A Presentation by Tatiana Clouthier, Mexico’s Secretary of the Economy

Opinion & Analysis

Political Risk Analysis: Is Mexico Declaring War Against Clean Energy?

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