Energy, Environment, and Opportunities for Mexico’s Natural Gas Sector

Join the CSIS Americas Program for a conversation on energy security, the environment, and new opportunities for Mexico’s natural gas sector.

Energy security is among the most vital elements for promoting economic growth, human development, and expanding trade. In North America especially, ensuring reliable, affordable, and increasingly low-emission access to energy will be critical for the region to capture the opportunities presented by the nearshoring movement, as well as fulfilling broader goals of North American economic integration. In particular, natural gas has emerged as a key transition fuel, cleaner than oil, and vital for powering many industrial and manufacturing processes. Developing the natural gas sector throughout North America, and especially in Mexico where much potential remains untapped, accordingly carries significant potential to promote industrial development, create jobs and help address the root causes of irregular migration.

This event will focus on the role of Mexico’s natural gas sector in the broader context of North American, and global energy security. It will delve into questions of production, distribution, and key end-users, as well as the obstacles to expanding natural gas infrastructure to underserved populations. It will also discuss how cooperation on natural gas can offer a means for the United States, Mexico, and Canada alike to reset the trilateral conversation around energy.

This event was made possible through the generous support of Jaguar Exploración y Producción.