Season’s greetings from La Jolla! We are pleased to share the latest installment of Energy Panorama for your holiday reading pleasure.

We concluded the year with our annual program in collaboration with the Inter-American Dialogue in Washington, DC and a discussion and panel at the National Press Club. The event focused on the energy sector in Mexico at the one-year anniversary of Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s administration. Panelists discussed the challenges and opportunities that private investors face across various sectors including power, renewables, oil and natural gas. Below are links to an event summary and highlight video.

On the sidelines of our event in Washington, DC, we sat down with Julio Valle from Mexico’s solar and wind energy associations for our podcast series. He shared the latest clean energy market developments, policy changes surrounding CELs and the unfolding legal challenges.

Keeping with our annual tradition, the December Energy Panorama looks back and shares selected reports, analysis, podcasts and webinars that we produced this year, as well as insights from our diverse programming across the hemisphere. What follows is a curated compendium of the 2019 IOA Energy & Sustainability Program.

We look forward to seeing you in 2020 and we wish you and yours a joyous and peaceful.

Washington, DC Event Summary
Experts Divided on Prospects for a Shift in AMLO’s Energy Policy
Washington, DC Event Video
Mexico’s Energy Sector under AMLO
Clean Energy in Mexico: A Conversation with Julio Valle
Reports from 2019

Global Energy Transition Demands Cooperation, not Competition; Oil and Gas Companies Must Lead the Way

Politics, Regulation, and NOCs: The Gatekeepers of Latin America’s Energy Future

Latin America´s Diverse Lithium Opportunity and a Sustainable Energy Future

The Lithium in a Battery

XXVIII La Jolla Energy Conference Report

Informe Colombia Energía 2019

Informe Energía en Ecuador 2019

Argentina Energy Roundtable 2019: Huge Energy Potential, Big Challenges – Part I and Part II

Informe Energía en México 2019

LNG and the Panama Canal: Should Another Expansion Already Be on the Drawing Board?

Videos from 2019

Colombia Energy Roundtable 2019

XXVIII La Jolla Conference Highlight Video

Interview with Jose Luis Manzano, Chairman of Integra Capital

Interview with Kevin Ramnarine, former Minister of Energy of Trinidad & Tobago

Interview with Jose Antonio Cepeda, Adviser to the Minister of Energy and Non Renewable Natural Resources of Ecuador and Ecuador’s Representative to OPEC

Interview with Timothy Stephure, Director, Latin America Gas & Power, IHS Markit 

XXVIII La Jolla Conference: Bolsonaro’s Brazil Energy Outlook Part I and Part II

XXVIII La Jolla Conference: Venezuela’s Policies and Plans to shape its Energy Future – Part IPart IIPart IIIPart IV

Inter-American Dialogue: Panel on Natural Gas and LNG

The Outlook for Mexico’s Energy Sector under the AMLO Administration

Opinion & Analysis from 2019

Can New Leadership Revitalize Ecuador’s Reeling Oil Sector?

How AMLO is Undermining Mexico’s Clean Energy Goals

Will LAC Meet its Renewable Energy Goals By 2030?

Will Election Results in Argentina Upend its Energy Policy?

Mercado de generación distribuida de Argentina: El diablo está en los detalles
My First Women-Only Professional Training Experience

IOA Briefs New Energy Policy Makers in El Salvador and Shares Regional Renewables Insights at Conference

Women in Energy in Ecuador 2019

Podcasts from 2019

Mexico, Clean Energy and the Paris Accord

Why Argentina’s first LNG export matters
XXVIII La Jolla Conference Curtain Raiser
Argentina´s Distributed Generation Market: The Devil is in the Details
Venezuela’s Political Outlook: A conversation with David Mares
Webinars from 2019
Political Transition in the Southern Cone and Implications for Natural Gas Markets

Argentina’s YPF and the Energy Transition

Mexico’s Natural Gas Prospects Under AMLO

OPEC and the Global Energy Transition

Managing Methane Emissions in Mexico – Lessons from the Development and Implementation of Regulations for the Country’s Oil and Gas sector

Panorama Energético de América Latina y el Caribe 2018

Lithium in Focus: What exactly is it, why does South America have so much of it and how should it be developed?

Mexico Natural Gas Outlook 2019

Mexico Oil Outlook 2019